Privacy Policy

When registering a new user you must enter personal data, which is essential to provide the services that findojobs offers. The entry of this data must comply with the conditions provided in the "Terms and Conditions" section.

Some are mandatory, such as last name / company name and email. Others, although optional, are essential for satisfactory results.

Regarding this data findojobs undertakes to:

  1. Use them to achieve the purposes for which said employment portal is instituted, or for statistical purposes.
  2. Store them in a database exclusively owned by findojobs, which guarantees technical and structural measures to ensure the integrity and security of the personal information provided and published.
  3. Allow the editing or deletion of the data at the time that the user has it without any prior processing.

Users who enter their work profile may opt for one of the two levels of visibility according to the following detail:

  • Maximum: The information you provide will be fully visible to those companies that publish offers and / or search our database.
  • Minimum: The information you provide will be invisible, unless you apply for a job offer, in that case it will be fully visible.

The user will define the level of visibility according to his preference at the time of registration and will have immediate application. Without prejudice to this, you may modify this preference at any time and as many times as you prefer by accessing your user account, where findojobs provides the specific functionality to operate these changes.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you are authorizing the visibility of your data at any of the levels detailed.