Staff Scientist (Fluorescence Microscopy And Instrument Engineering)

Staff Scientist (Fluorescence Microscopy And Instrument Engineering)






Staff Scientist (Fluorescence Microscopy And Instrument Engineering)

Details of the offer

St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital has a unified mission to use cutting:edge research to discover the origins of disease, with an emphasis on pediatric cancer, in order to facilitate therapeutic advances and improve life quality and expectancy of patients. The Single:Molecule Imaging Center in the Department of Structural Biology provides a platform to perform state:of:the:art single:molecule fluorescence experiments on medically relevant biological systems. Core instrumentation currently includes prism:type total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) and time:correlated single:photon counting (TCSPC) confocal microscopes. The successful applicant will leverage their expertise in optics, engineering, and data science by developing advanced microscopy methods that improve data quality, throughput, automation, and downstream analysis, including machine learning methods. The applicant must skillfully translate ideas into robust, effective, and user:friendly solutions for the non:expert. The successful candidate will be an integral part of the progression of the Center, introducing the single:molecule field to experimentalists at St. Jude and worldwide.

Relevant references:

Fitzgerald and Terry et al. Quantifying secondary transport at single:molecule resolution. Nature 575, 528:534 (2019).
Borgia et al. Extreme disorder in an ultrahigh:affinity protein complex. Nature 555, 61:66 (2018).
Dyla and Terry et al. Dynamics of P:type ATPase transport revealed by single:molecule FRET. Nature 551, 346:351 (2017).
Gregorio et al. Single:molecule analysis of ligand efficacy in ß2AR:G:protein activation. Nature 547, 68:73 (2017).
Juette and Terry et al. Single:molecule imaging of non:equilibrium molecular ensembles on the millisecond timescale. Nat. Methods 13, 341:4 (2016).
Borgia et al. Consistent View of Polypeptide Chain Expansion in Chemical Denaturants from Multiple Experimental Methods. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 138, 116 (2016).


Develop and maintain robust, user:friendly, semi:automated instrument control and data acquisition software programmed in LabVIEW, with multi:threaded C/C++ modules. The software will include a robust hardware abstraction layer to support a wide variety of interchangeable devices with minimal changes to configuration files by the end user.
Engineer improvements to custom:built instrumentation (ie microfluidics, temperature control), including total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) and confocal time:correlated single:photon counting (TCSPC) microscopes.
Assist in the development of new algorithms and software for the analysis of single molecule fluorescence data, with particular emphasis on machine learning approaches; end user will employ MATLAB and/or Mathematica.
Collaborate with experimentalists to develop new fluorescence microscopy technologies and approaches.
Provide user training on fluorescence microscopes in the Center and assist with data analysis.

Minimum Education

A PhD in an appropriate scientific field (physics, optics, engineering) is required.

Minimum Experience

A minimum of five (5) years of relevant and productive (combined) years postdoctoral research associate or five (5) years of combined academic experience at the postdoctoral level or above.

Preferred qualifications:

Thorough knowledge of optical physics, optical system design, microscope design, and fluorescence microscopy.
Extensive experience developing applications in LabView, including the Actor framework and C/C++ modules.
Knowledge of machine learning algorithms, software engineering principles, probability theory, and statistics.
Expert ability to distill complex information in a clear and concise manner both verbally and in writing.

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